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tweetbrain What's going on in your head? Send us your twitter, and we'll let you know! This is TweetBrain's main app.

This Web App is created as a part of a WebJam at the Information and Computer Science Student Council in Univeristy of California, Irvine.

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What is TweetBrain?

🐦🧠 TweetBrain analyzes your Twitter to make an educated guess about who you are.

In this simple implementation of TweetBrain, we guess a song that you might like. You can either use our API or our Web interface.

ICSSC Web Jam 2020

Our official team members are:

  • RJ
  • Nathan
  • Ryan
  • Cam

In the spirit of Hacktoberfest and Open Source, we opened up our documentation (/docs) to the public, for them to contribute their resources for learning React. These contributors did not add, mutate, or remove any of our source code from the project, and can be verified from their pull requests.